Low Cost Counselling



We are excited to announce the launch of a Low Cost Counselling Service commencing at the start of 2017. Our Low Cost Counselling Service is designed to assist those for whom short-term private psychology services are not readily accessible or appropriate, such as those on low incomes or those needing longer-term therapy but not being able to afford this. This service is provided by trainee counsellors and provisional psychologists who are working towards full registration, with extensive supervision and support being provided to these counsellors by psychologists at our practice. 

The Low Cost Counselling Service is available to children, adolescents, and adults.

Fees are on a sliding scale as follows:

$10 per session for those on full pensions

$20 per session for those with Health Care Cards

$30 per session for those without Pension or Health Care Cards

Due to the launch of this service, we no longer offer bulk billing, as the Low Cost Counselling Service allows for access to longer-term affordable services than can be provided under Medicare.