Why Choose Us?

Six Good Reasons To Choose Aurora Psychology:

  • Breadth and Depth of Experience: We are experienced in working with children, adults, and couples experiencing a range of issues. However, we do not claim to be able to treat every problem, as we work in a highly ethical manner. If we are not the right service for you, we will be honest about this, and can help you to find a more appropriate service.
  • Flexible Appointment Times: We offer daytime, evening, and Saturday appointments.
  • Convenient Eastern Suburbs Location: Our office in Doncaster is close to the Eastern Freeway and public transport, making it accessible for those living in the eastern, north-eastern, and south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
  • Counselling Tailored To Your Needs: We provide you with the help you need, rather than trying to make you fit into a particular type of therapy. This means you can have therapy for as long as you feel it is helpful, whether this is for a few sessions or long-term treatment.
  • Expertise In A Range Of Therapies: We have training in a range of evidence-based therapies, meaning we can use the approach that works for you.
  • Instant Medicare and Private Health Rebates: As we have HICAPS, Medicare and private health rebates can be processed at the time of each session. If you choose to use your private health insurance, you will only have to pay the gap between the rebate and the session fee.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Individualised Approach: We work with you to find the most appropriate approach, and do not make you work in a way that is not right for you. We encourage your feedback during the process of therapy so that we can ensure we are providing you with what you need.
  • Expertise In Working With Trauma and PTSD: Many practitioners assert that they can work with trauma and PTSD, but they do not necessarily have sound training or skills in this area. Prior to developing Aurora Psychology, Aurora Psychology's founder, Alana, managed a counselling service that specialised in working with children and adults who had experienced trauma at some point in their lives, and often had multiple experiences of abuse, neglect, and other forms of developmental trauma. All practitioners at Aurora Psychology have experience and interest in helping clients who have had traumatic experiences.
  • Ability To Work Effectively With Both Children And Adults: Child psychology is very different to adult psychology, and practitioners who do not appreciate this may treat a child like a miniature adult, rather than working at the child's developmental level. When you bring your child to Aurora Psychology, you can be assured that you are seeing a practitioner who is highly skilled in engaging with children and getting to their level, rather than expecting them to engage in therapy in an adult manner.
  • Quiet, Modern Offices: We are located in a modern, quiet office, and our clients frequently comment that the environment feels peaceful and safe.
  • Passion For Helping: Alana founded Aurora Psychology because of a genuine passion for using her skills to help others. We enjoy seeing your progress during the course of therapy and are highly motivated to help you.
  • Strong Commitment To Ongoing Professional Development: We are strongly committed to ongoing professional development, as this assists us to assist you. 
  • No Waiting Lists: We know that when you call a psychologist, you typically want help now, not weeks or months from now. Because of this, we are committed to arranging appointments with you when you call, rather than placing you on a waiting list.